Project 5-A Trip through Black Bart’s Cave aka More Sopapillas please!

I wanted to keep it fun and simple on this one. A tour through Black Bart’s cave.   Anyone who has been to a magical place called Casa Bonita knows all about Black Bart’s cave.  It used to scare the bejesus out of me when I was a kid.  As my brother and I got older, we would hide under the bridge and scare other kids.  There are all kinds of creepy (usually not working) animatronic monsters inside.  This place was like Disneyland to me when I was little, and It’s still always fun (even if the food is less than stellar).  We were there for a friends, ahem, 34th birthday party, and we were still acting like 8 year olds.  I brought some weird, random masks I had, and we just got crazy with it.

Assignment 5-Simple Animation

whoa, trippy, bra!

Project 4 Part 2- Text and Image

In an ever increasingly paranoid world, it is amazing to me how short the average American’s attention span is.  I have chosen to combine these 2 iconic images in a sort of  tribute to modern appropration artists.  The top image is from gEORGE oRWELL’S BOOK 1984, first published in 1949, which talks of a future world where the Government aka “Big Brother” knows everything you are doing, saying, thinking, etc.   I find it ironic that in 2011, with the imense usage and popularity of Facebook, which claims they can use, distribute, control anything you post on there, that people not only don’t care, but actually WANT everyone to know where they are, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking at all times. It’s a twisted reality come true of Orwell’s prophetic book.

project 4 part 1- twist to an ad.

Original Versiono

My Changed Version

I have always been enamored and fascinated by old World War I propaganda ads and posters.  They seem to be the most straightforward versions of what a lot of modern advertisements sort of beat around the bush to say but can’t in this politically correct time.  This ad in particular, I thought was strong because the image and the emotion displayed in the image was so easy to manipulate.  The original shows immigrants coming to America seeking a better life, and is telling them that they now need to defend the freedom they were given by making sacrifices.  In my new modern version, I changed it to reflect the atmosphere that is going on in this time with the whole “Class War” theme.  It now appears the man (representing the 1%) is telling these people of  less wealth to leave because they have nothing left to offer.  As if the man with the hat is waving goodbye to the “New America” that we live in now.

total text weirdness!!

Assignment 4